LIVE EAT TRANSFORM-The LET Go System 30 Day Challenge

Progressing Your Through The Journey to Wellness

Designed to get you quick results that are simple and easy if you have been looking for solutions to lower your A1C, manage your weight without a crazy diet, and have more energy? Join The LET Go Challenge today so that you can experience these results with lasting benefits of better health. Hurry Space is Limited!


Results in a Few Short Weeks

You will learn how to fuel your body  as you gain control of your blood sugar, manage your weight, and stress so that you can feel your best that doesn't involve restrictive dieting or "Quick Fix" gimmicks.  It's EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE 


3 Reasons This Challenge is For You

It's Simple and Easy

The simple 4 step action plan gets you on the right track quickly and easily without making you feel overwhelmed.

You Will Not Be Alone

I will be coaching you every step of the way and you will have a members only private support group for extra tips, accountability and motivation. 

You'll Have Quick Wins

Over the 30 day challenge, you'll experience proven results that lead to quick wins on your way to long-term success.

Want to Discover How Your Greatest Wellness Concerns Can be Turned Around For Real Lasting Change?

Your Answers Are Right Here

Here's How it Works

The LET Go 30 Day Challenge is a 100% online program. Once you sign up you will receive:

Simple 4 Step Action Plan

You will experience weekly action steps that build on each other, setting you up for success to get you on the right track. You'll experience healthy eating and physical activity a part of your daily routine in a way that's right for your body. All the while continuing to enjoy some of your favorite meals.

(A $49 Value)


Members-Only Private Support Group

There will be a private LET Go Challenge Members-only Facebook group.  This private group will be a way to motivate, and encourage each other during the challenge.  It's a safe place to be candid about your struggles, discouragement and frustrations.  It's also a place to cheer each other on and celebrate every milestone made during the challenge. This is big and we are all here to help each other win.

(A $99 Value)


Daily Coaching Support

I will be your coach every step of the way.  I will be in the private group daily with motivational tips, weekly live broadcast highlighting that weeks step.I will also do a weekly Zoom call once a week to answer questions and coach around that weeks subject. As a bonus I will do one (1) one-on-one coaching session during the 30 day with each member to make sure you are on track for success

(A $250 Value)


PLUS.... You Get These Bonuses

Meal Planning Template and Shopping Guide

Meal Planning Templates help you put together simple, healthy meals in no time.  You will receive 2 weeks of done for you meal plans to help get you started. 

You'll also receive a Grocery Shopping Guide to help you easily navigate healthy food choices.

 (A $98 Value)


Delicious Nutritious Recipe eGuide

Beautiful, nutritious, healthy, easy to prepare recipes that are sure to please and become some of your favorite meals.  It is so easy! Everything you need to prepare each recipe for breakfast, lunch dinner and side dishes is provided for simplicity and ease.   The eGuide provides you with ingredients, measurements, serving size, and how-to instructions.  Many of the recipes can be doubled for multiple meals such as lunch and dinner.

  (A $27 Value)


Sensational Smoothies and Juices Recipes

This booklet is filled with some of the most healthy, amazing tasting, juices and smoothies you will ever experience. Each is full of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrition to fuel your body with goodness. These can be used as a meal replacement or anytime you need a pick me up.

(A $19 Value)


An Amazing Value Worth $542 Offered for $57

During the 30 Day Challenge You'll Receive Weekly Steps to Help You Accomplish Your Goals with Quick Wins for Long-Term-Success

Week 1-Step 1: Planning for Long-Term Success

Long-term results are the focus of success. There are no short cuts.  If you fail to plan you are literally planning to fail.  In Week 1: You will discover how to plan your meals with your recipes and making up your shopping list in advance. These tips save time and money and will set you on the road to success.



Your Change Starts Now

Week 2-Step 2: Moving Your Body

It's time to get you moving. You don't have to spend hours at the gym to get into shape.  You will be identifying the best types of exercise to focus on to transform your body and improve your health. 

Let's Get Moving Today

Week 3-Step 3: How to Eat Better, Not Less

You will discover the 5 most important shifts to double the quality of your food choices. This will bring sustainable weight loss you need as you focus on the quality of foods in your diet.

Eat For Life

Week 4-Step 4: Fueling Your Body

You will learn how to fine-tune your body with portion control and eating clean non-processed foods. This is going to give your body the fuel it needs function properly to absorb vitamins and nutrients, setting you up for weight loss and sustained wellness.


Your Body Is Going To Thank You

Frequently Asked Questions

Realistic action steps to help you get fit and healthy as a permanent way of life


If the program isn't a fit for you , contact me within 7 days for a full refund.

There are 4 weekly lessons that are sent to your email with a mid-week email sent to help keep you on track.



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