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Holistic Wellness

We address the whole person with personalized wellness offerings addressing your greatest need. Improve the overall quality of life to help you feel happier and in health and vitality. 

Wellness Options

1-on-1 coaching

When was the last time you got to talk totally about you? We listen and we care.  We will be your guide on the side as you make life-changing decisions that affect your health and vitality.

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In-Depth Health Analysis

Get the answers you need about your health with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

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10 Natural Ways to Improve Digestion and Support Gut Health.


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Dr. Nikki R. Lanier-CEO Harper Slade Racial Equity Advisory

Melesha is an extraordinary partner in your wellness and health journey. She was an integral asset to my family members both in learning new healthy eating and exercise habits and also in exploring mental habits and emotional barriers that gave rise to years of unhealthy choices. She has an easy, warm style and is very encouraging while holding you accountable to meet your stated goals. 

Our Approach to Coaching

Many parts of your life affect your health.

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For me...

Your transformation is personal!


Why Diets Don't Work Report

Live   Eat   Transform

The L.E.T. Go System! 

Moving forward to who you were meant to be!
  • A systematic process to resolve your pressing health issues.
  • Guidance and accountability to keep you on track.
  • Solutions designed to be life-changing.
  • Quick improvements to revive your vitality, increase your energy, and enhance your overall well-being.

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Your Transformation Starts Now
Beth lost over 100 pounds with the L.E.T. Go System but felt her hormones might have been off. She had an HTMA and discovered that she wasn't absorbing minerals properly from the foods that she was eating. 
 "I feel so much better knowing what's happening in my body. I thought something was wrong. That peace of mind means the world to me."
~Beth L. 
Springfield MO

The Let Go Mineral Supplement Collection

Vitality is a force within us. Our supplement collection enters the cells, cleanses the body, and removes toxins. The detox includes clean, organic, plant-based food in supplements and teas consisting of sea moss, plant-based iron, alkaline cellular mineral detox, wellness herbal tea, and the LET GO Vitality Clean good and Juice Cleanse Detox booklet. Together, they rejuvenate, regenerate, and reset the body at a cellular level. 

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The Five 5's To Live Your Life Daily

Five Minutes a Day Focused on You. 
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Who You Are Meant to Be!

Everything about you is important. No matter where life has taken you so far, know it's never too late to have the desired life. I am committed to turning around your biggest wellness concerns with personalized care. 

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"I found Melesha to be very compelling and convincing, both because of her knowledge and her personal transparency. Having heard about her personal journey, I decided to become a client. As a result of working with Melesha, I have not only lost weight, but have removed sugary foods, sodas and other unhealthy items from my diet. Melesha's coaching as helped me understand how negative emotions and excuses that I made were holding me back. My physical health improved and I experienced more energy and better sleep. I'm very pleased with the results that Melesha has helped me produce! If you are ready to make changes to your health and wellness, don't hesitate to reach out to her. You will not regret it!" 

~Nina Smart-Dixon

A Satisfied Client

Wellness Offerings

  • Menu Planning
  • Gut Health
  • Detoxification
  • Inflammation
  • Diabetes Control
  • Pain Relief
  • Clean Eating
  • Stress Reduction
  • Weight Management
  • Many Chronic Health Issues
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