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A One-on-One 50 Minute Coaching Sessions (Value $135)

12 Day Detox and Cleanse Program (Value $49)

Plant-Based Gluten-Free Guide and Cook Book
(Value $10)

Bonus Offers
( Value $97)

Juice and Smoothie Recipies

 8 Life-Changing Tips

Food & Inflammation

Immune Boosting Food

Total Value $300
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Take a Deep Breath and Say Yes To Your Health! NOW!!

Hi There! I'm Melesha

I Am So Excited to Share This Incredible Offer With You.

Addressing my health and wellness in middle age is why I became a Nutritional Health Coach. Things were happening in my body, and I felt like I was losing control. As I aged, I wanted to be in good health, and I heard that from many women. Do you have some of those feelings? 

The LET Go Wellness Collection gives you tools that you can use NOW to turn back the clock quickly and easily. It happened for me, and it can happen for you. I would love to be your guide. 

My passion is helping women feel their best selves and know that getting older is a gift and you can do it in good health.

I am your sister in the journey, and together we will gracefully defy aging. I got you!

Coach Melesha 

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It's Never Too Early or Too Late To Start Thinking About Your Future.
The LET Go Wellness Collection gives you coaching and content that takes the worry out of thinking about what comes next.  

Meet Beth

 Beth struggled for years with her weight, emotional eating, and sugar addiction. Then, when she became pre-diabetic, she knew she needed to do something. She kept her "WHY" of getting healthy for her grandchildren in focus through the journey. 

Beth had an amazing transformation!  She was coachable, changed her mindset, and learned how to eat for maximum results. 

She also did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to figure out what her body needed nutritionally, minerally, and emotionally to stay on track with her goals. . I am so proud of her! She has really turned back the clock.  Beth said she "looks and feels better than she EVER has."

Beth said that "I was an answer to prayer." But, no, Beth, you are an answer to my prayers of making a difference in the lives of the women I serve.  


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Benefits of The Wellness Collection

  1. One-on-One Conversations All About You.
  2. A Series of Education Modules to Learn at Your Own Pace.
  3. Tips that will change your life.
  4. Learn why Diets Don't Work.
  5. Turn around your health quickly and easily.
  6. It's an investment in your health.
  7. You will gain more willpower.
  8. It will reduce stress.
  9. It will give you variety in your meals.
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 Looking For Some Extra Help? 

The LET Go Wellness Collection is not a one size fits all approach for wellness. 

You Will Pinpoint 


Your Goals

Identify wellness needs and goals

Your Why

Explore your personal motivation

Your Power

Examine potential obstacles and challenges.

Your Mindset

Discover your capabilities and resources available. 

Here's What You'll Recieve  

A One-on-One 50 Minute Coaching Session (Value $135)

12 Day Detox (Value $57)

Plant-Based Gluten-Free Guide and Cookbook (Value $10)

Bonus Gifts: Value $97

8 Life-Changing Tips

Food & Inflammation e-Book

Immune Boosting Foods e-Book

Smoothie & Juice Recipes 

Total Value $300

The Whole Collection For $37


It's Your's Today for $37

Wow! It's Power Packed For Results

Wellness Coaching


Plant-Based Cookbook

8 Life-Changing Tips Checklist

20 Immune Boosting Foods

12 Day Detox & Cleanse

Other Bonuses

Smoothie & Juice Recipes

Foods and Inflammation e-Book

Deciphering Food Labels

Fueling Your Body

Yes I Want The Collection

Designed With You In Mind

You will get results with no tricks or gimmicks. 

In a short amount of time, you will begin to see changes in how you look and feel.
The LET Go Wellness Collection
Is Power-Packed for Quick Wins 
With Everything You Need
To Get Started 


✅You will have guidance and help along the way.

✅ Downloadable documents that you will use over and over again.

✅A series of modules so that you can go at your own pace for convenience.

✅Ten emails over the course of 2 weeks that will include downloads for you to keep. 

✅You'll have peace, knowing you are doing something for your health and wellness. 

Plus loads of other bonuses.


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Live the Rest Of Your Life

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