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In a Short Amount of Time, You Can Finally Control Your Blood Sugar, Lose Weight and Decrease Your Inflammation With Meal Planning.

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 "What's For 

The Meal Planning Like a Pro
Everything You Need to Get Started

Learn Portion Control
Eat Healthy
Save Time
Save Money
Avoid Wasting Food

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Everything you need to put healthy meals on your table instead of eating out. 




Meal Plan Offer


Here's What's Included and their Value

  •  Planning Solutions  $25)
  • Complete Shopping List ($25)
  • Weekly Emails
  • Recipes (Value $10)
  • Step by Step Instructions Modules  (Value $97)

Plus Loads of Bonuses

Total Value $197

Yours Today for $17

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Meal Plan Like A Pro
Easy Menu Planning Solutions...

 Guides you to plan, shop, prep, and cook for busy people on the go. 

Workbooks, menu planners, food diaries, recipes, grocery store lists, and other bonuses.

The steps are outlined in weekly emails to help you shop economically, prep with ease, and cook healthy, delicious meals.

Takes the worry out of asking yourself "What's For Dinner."

The $17 price is for a limited time only   

I get asked about meal planning all the time. If you are starting on a healthy life journey, let's start making good habits from the beginning. It will set you up for success as you continue to be coached and learn lifestyle skills that will last you a lifetime. 

YES Start Meal Planning Today!

Why Meal Plan?

Let me share LaTonya's story:

LaTonya was looking for solutions to help her control her diabetes, lose weight and not have the constant stress of asking herself, "what's for dinner."

The Meal Planning Like a Pro was the solution she had been looking for.  She followed the instructions, set a weekly plan outlined in the course, and created healthy and delicious food for all her meals. 

LaTonya was able to lose weight and lower her daily blood sugars. 

The best part about the Meal Plan Like a Pro is that it's easy to follow for quick results. 

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Included With Meal Planner

Welcome Letter

Weekly Emails

Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instruction Modules

Menu Planner

Success Tracker

Accountability Strategies

It's Easy and Simple

Daily Food Diary

Shopping List

7 Super Simple Recipes

22 Ways to Take Care Of You-Checklist

How to Store Foods For Freshness

Other Bonuses


Is the thought of coming home and cooking after a long day giving you the blues?

 Do you find yourself going through the drive-through because it's easy and convenient?

 Are you looking for solutions to feed yourself and your family nutritious, healthy meals? 

Meal Planning Like a Pro 

Everything You Need

For Succesful Meal Planning

 ✅You will always have meals on hand at a moment's notice that are healthy and nutritious.  

✅That gives you peace, knowing you are doing something good for your family and saving money. 

✅Downloadable documents so that you can plan, shop, prep, and track your progress.

✅Easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction modules designed so that you can go at your own speed for convenience.

✅Ten emails over the course of 2 weeks that will include downloads for you to keep. 

Plus loads of other bonuses.


Yes! I'm Ready To Start Meal Planning!

All The Tools You Need To



Meal Plan Like A Pro!

Save Time and Money:

You won't be eating out as much. As a result, you save on your grocery bill.

Purchase Once and Use Over and Over:

Everything you receive is yours forever and ever.

Super Simple to Do:

Easily learn the skills you need in no time for lifelong habits. 

Series of Step by Step Instruction Modules

Access to an on-demand course library for convenience and ease. 


Yes! I'm Ready!