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Has Your Weight Been a Source of Contention?
Were You More Stressed Than Normal? 

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Can Help Resolve These Issues and More. 
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Any chronic disease diagnosis, especially diabetes and obesity, can be terrifying and frustrating. Often you leave your healthcare practitioner with more questions than answers. You begin to question yourself, "what caused me to get in this condition, and what can I do to get better?"

Often, adequate details about our condition go unexplained. You leave your physician's office with a brochure in hand and perhaps prescribed costly medications without clear explanations of the long-term damage obesity and or diabetes and the side effects of some of the medicines.  

Most healthcare practitioners are under time constraints and cannot spend quality time with their patients to fully understand their condition and how it will alter their way of life if things continue to go unchecked and get out of control. 

An HTMA puts your mind at ease by providing you with a detailed report and guidance to lower those numbers quickly and easily.

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Meet Your
Hair Tissue Analysis Team

We can help you find solutions to your greatest health concerns.

Your hair can tell you almost EVERYTHING about the state of your health.

Let us help you find the answers you have been searching for so that you can have the best quality of life in good health. 

A Conversation About HTMA


Check Out The New Year Special


Ladies, are your blood sugars, stress, weight  a cause for alarm?
Get to the root of your most pressing concerns within an in-depth analysis of the status of your health with an HTMA.  
You may have a mineral deficiency. Most do and don't realize how much havoc it causes.
A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a simple test that looks at the mineral composition of the hair.
Minerals are like spark plugs. They are essential to make everything run smoothly.
Do you need more energy and better control of your overall health? You can unlock the answers with an HTMA and restore and transform your health today.
Take back control. 
You can receive solutions and peace of mind today.
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You May Ask What is an HTMA and Why Would
I Need It?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)  is a clinically proven test that accesses the mineral composition of the hair as an indicator of health nutritionally by identifying mineral deficiencies, excesses, and toxicities. 

How can hair analysis help to achieve better health?

Our diets are what we eat, and nutrition is what we retain. So discovering what your body needs for a dramatic turnaround are valuable in creating health.

An HTMA indicates mineral imbalances, toxic metal levels, stress and provides keys to making decisions about future health.

Minerals are essential for healing, vitality, and wellbeing. They are the spark plugs that keep you going.


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HTMA Advantages

  • Collecting a hair sample (at home) is quick, easy, and non-invasive.
  • Hair analysis is among the most cost-effective mineral analysis.
  • Hair is less susceptible to erratic changes in the blood, affecting trace element levels.
  • Hair provides a long-term record of mineral excesses and deficiencies.
  • Hair provides an accurate long-term record of biological activity (your metabolism).
  • Hair is E.P.A. recognized for the assessment of toxic metals.
  • Properly interpreted, hair analysis provides an excellent Rx for a healthier lifestyle!

A Hair Analysis Is:

  • SAFE – a noninvasive screening tool for young and old alike.
  • EASY – the hair sample is collected in the convenience of your home.
  • HOLISTIC – a natural approach to wellness through nutrition.
  • E.P.A. RECOGNIZED – “hair might be a more appropriate tissue for studying community exposure to toxic metals than blood or urine analysis.”

Commonly Tested Elements Include: 

Nutritional Elements:  Considered “essential” for many metabolic and biological functions. Includes Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, and more.

Toxic Elements: Heavy metals that are well-known to interfere with biochemical and metabolic functions. 

Significant Ratios: Important nutrient ratios that show biological functions and metabolic activity.

Nutritional/Toxic Element Ratios: Toxic minerals may produce an antagonistic effect on various essential minerals that can lead to disturbances in metabolic utilization.

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Benefit #1

A  test that accesses the mineral composition of the hair that can help you know your body's unique needs. 

Benefit #2

Provides indications of mineral imbalances, deficiencies, and toxic elements in the body.

Benefit #3

Helps detect the long-term effect of diet, medications, and stress.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

What You Will Recieve

An in-depth view of nutritional & toxic elements that include:


Metabolic type & what that means for your overall wellness

Nutritional levels & their corresponding ratios

Toxic levels, their ratios & the implications of  toxicity

Endocrine needs such as in thyroid, reproductive & adrenal glands

Autonomic Nervous System balance of the Parasympathetic "Rest & Digest" & Sympathetic "Fight or Flight" Nervous Systems 


Additional Complimentary Benefits

  • Detailed report interpretations
  • Personal dietary suggestions (what to avoid/increase based on your findings)
  • Customized supplement recommendations to support areas of need
  • A one-on-one follow-up visit with Coach Melesha Bailey and our Nurse Coach Leshia to go over your results. 

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There are several options to discover mineral  deficiencies, toxic chemicals, and imbalances with

a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


Hair Tissue Mineral Test


Test, Results and Coaching

Testing Includes

  • Hair Tissue Test (Valued at $125)
  • Results Call (Valued at $100)
  • Mineral Balancing Supplement Suggestions 
  • 2 Coaching 50 Minute Sessions (Valued at $270)
  • Dietary Suggestions
  • Re-Establishing Biochemical Balance
  • Email Follow Up

(This Offer is Valued at $495)


  • Metabolic type & what that means for your overall wellness
  • Nutritional element levels & their corresponding ratios to key health indicators
  • Toxic element levels, their ratios & the implications of any system toxicity
  • Endocrine needs such as in thyroid, reproductive & adrenal glands
  • Autonomic Nervous System balance ( Both the insufficiency & dominance of the Parasympathetic "Rest & Digest"  & Sympathetic "Fight or Flight" Nervous Systems are observed.)


Amber, San Diego, CA

After years of many health issues, searching for answers to skin issues, and digestive problems, the HTMA was spot on with findings that I had already discovered and opened my eyes to some new things going on in my body.  So grateful for answers. 

Beth, Springfield, MO

Beth lost a lot of weight with my LET Go System but felt that her hormones may have been off. She discovered that she wasn't absorbing minerals properly from the foods she was eating.  "I feel so much better knowing what's going on in my body"  I really thought something was wrong". "That peace of mind means the world to me"

Denise Robinson, Las Vegas

It has been an absolute joy to work with Melesha and The Love 4 life team. Mrs. Bailey is so knowledgeable in the area of health and wellness. She is also eager to share her wisdom, knowledge, and experience with anyone who is in search of a better, healthier life. I recommend this business to anyone who is concerned about A better quality and a “Love 4 Life”.