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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2022

A quote by Benjamin Franklin and a proverb that means it is better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than to fix it once it has happened.

We are getting older. Have you thought about how you want to age? Do you want a richly abundant life full of vitality, or are you going down a road of sickness and disease? We can do everything in our power NOW to lessen our chances of developing avoidable adverse health conditions.

The leading causes of death are chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, obesity, and stroke. However, you can prevent many of these illnesses by addressing their root cause and looking at your lifestyle and daily habits.

You see, I was very sick. I suffered from pain and started developing lifestyle diseases resulting from how I treated my body with unhealthy food and no physical activity. So that was the point I decided to do something about it. If I had known what I know now, I would not...

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Five things you must know about your body


It may sound like a broken record, but our health and well-being are the most valuable things we have in life. Unfortunately, once our health starts to decline and go downhill, it can be hard to get it back. But you can.

I spent most of my life in poor health, starting with severe asthma as a kid and horrific menstrual cycles in my teens until I got a hysterectomy at 44. I had a cancer scare at 19 because of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and fibroids. I knew nothing about health and wellness and that food affected every aspect of my life, especially my health. I got sicker and sicker, bigger and bigger, culminating in a health crisis that lasted about three years and still affects me to this day. That's why I'm so passionate about helping people not to go down this road like me.

I watched my grandmothers die in their 60s, one from a stroke and the other from breast cancer. My mother died in her 70s from an apparent heart attack or stroke. These were the most influential women in...

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Say Goodbye to Clutter

We are pleased to have Amity Farr as a guest blogger this month. She is a "Declutter Coach and owner of Simple Fly Life." 

Most people think a cluttered state is undesirable, but not everyone knows that clutter is unhealthy. Clutter can affect cortisol levels, mental clarity, and achieving other health goals, including diet and exercise.1  Clutter is not just messy and unsightly; it's dangerous.


When clutter reaches a dysfunctional level, it can be referred to as hoarding. People facing hoarding situations can experience a decline in good hygiene or even have disrupted sleeping patterns directly related to excess. 2

Clutter doesn't have to reach a hoarding level to cause disruption. Clutter can interfere with exercise plans. Cluttered homes do not lend themselves to spacious places where people can do exercise videos or yoga. People with excess in their dwellings may not be able to readily find shoes, workout clothes, equipment, or videos and programs in the...

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Goals Not Resolutions For the New Year

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2022

Goals Not Resolutions For the New Year

Do you feel pressure to make New Year's resolutions that involve drastic lifestyle changes surrounding health, money, or lifestyle?  Unfortunately, these can be UNREALISTIC expectations and contributes to 80% of people giving up their New Year's resolutions by February.  Sound familiar?  Many of these goals are ones that we convince ourselves will change our lives for the better.

Usually, our goals come down to specific emotions, like happiness, fulfillment, or confidence.  So first, consider what feeling you want to achieve by accomplishing your goals.  Then, think about what changes you'll make to help you feel good emotionally so that you won't experience negative emotions surrounding your expectations or lack thereof.

Many resolutions fail because there's no "why" attached to the "what." Finding the "what" is easy: lose weight, save money, get a new job, travel more.  But the "why" is just as—if...

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Strategies for Eating Healthier During the Holidays

Have a Healthier Holiday’s

Thanksgiving and Christmas is magical time of the year when we show the love of Christ to our family, friends, coworkers, and special people in our lives. Last year, many families could not spend time together, so that this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be even more special.

Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays and not go crazy eating foods that set you up for weight gain or exacerbate health conditions affected by the foods you eat. So this year, set a goal to avoid the traps of overeating and not eat candy, cookies, cakes, and foods you will face this holiday season.

We start the holidays with Thanksgiving dinner, and it’s not the healthiest meal, but it’s oh so good. By implementing certain tricks to make some of your favorite foods healthier and forgo the uncomfortable turkey, dressing, and ham-induced food coma, on the couch or being balled up in a corner somewhere a thing of the past.

Christmas is by far one of the most...

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Enjoy Eating With the Seasons

health and wellness Oct 13, 2021

Eating With The Seasons

With the year-round availability of nearly any food our hearts can imagine,  eating seasonally has become a thing of the past. But unfortunately, the convenience of one-stop shopping has moved us from how we originally were designed to eat. Most of us don’t pick fruit off a tree or vegetables from a vine. Instead, we are shopping year-round.

Produce from a pile of fruits and vegetables line the refrigerated section of our stores. Yet, eating this way, while convenient, affects the body, our wallets, and the environment! So what exactly are the benefits of shifting toward more seasonal eating?

It tastes better
Most out-of-season crops travel long distances, are harvested early, refrigerated, artificially ripened, and left in bins at the grocery store for days, sometimes weeks. The processes of heating and cooling change the flavor and nutrient content of the produce. Local farmer’s markets or foods from your garden taste better because they...

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Brain Fog and Stress Eating

Uncategorized May 04, 2021

Do it feels like your head contains cotton candy where there once was dense intellectual nervous tissue? The lights are on, but there’s nobody home. You may have difficulty making up your mind. Small decisions are a big deal. You need more coffee to focus, more snacks to stay awake, and more booze at night for temporary relief from the fog.  In more severe cases, you might have headaches, problems with your vision, or even nausea. Raise your hand if this is you. I know, I've been there too. 

Do you notice that you are eating more than usual?  Eating when you aren't actually hungry?  You sleepwalk to the fridge and wake up with crumbs in the bed and all over your face.  You may have a double whammy of stress eating and brain fog

It's common for women going through menopause to complain of what researchers sometimes call "brain fog" -- forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly.

What causes brain fog?


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Self-Care is Self-Love

How many times do you push your needs or wants to the side? Do you feel like you are selfish, and your desires don't matter? Are you afraid of what others may say when you take time to care for yourself? Well, join the club of the many people who suffer from the dreaded "Self-Care is Selfish Syndrome." (I made that up), but it's true. 

Self-Care is crucial for your well-being as going to the doctor, taking medications, eating healthy, and getting physical activity. It's vital to maintain a healthy loving relationship with yourself to experience your self-worth and value in the world. Understand, when you make you a priority, it affects every aspect of your self-esteem, your work, and your home life.  

Self-love occurs when you have a deep appreciation for yourself. It grows from behaviors that support physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. Self-love means to regard your well-being and happiness as something that is a non-negotiable for your well-being....

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Seeing a Rainbow at the End of Your Struggles in 2021

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2020

Seeing a Rainbow After a Year of Struggles in 2021


Wow, what a year 2020 has been. We have seen so many things coming at us, one right after another.  We saw this pandemic rock our whole way of life.  It affected our health, finances, family life, how we educate our children. It seems like everything has been a challenge,  Our employment status, how we worship, how we shop, and how we go about our daily lives.

We had to change our total way of life.  Asking us to stay indoors,  social distance, not travel, and wear a mask on top of all of that, seemed like a tall order.

We have seen the rise of systemic racism with police brutality on full display that it ushered in political unrest and protests worldwide.

Our democracy is in jeopardy from radicals who are unwilling to accept the people's will in picking the United States president.

We have also seen unprecedented deaths of black folk from our churches, neighbors, the nation, friends, and prominent...

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Is the Voice In Your Head Tryin to Tell You Something?

health and wellness Nov 05, 2020

Is the Voice In Your Head Trying to Tell You Something?


How many times have you said to yourself, I truly need to start taking better care of my health? That feeling comes from your heart.  Your heart is communicating that it's time to pay attention. Many seek medical care because they have felt that nagging feeling says it's time to address an issue before it becomes a problem. They may have overlooked those inclinations until it reached a crisis point.

As a health coach, prevention is key to addressing potential issues before they become a crisis. I use a system of steps to create a mind-body connection.  These steps are necessary and vital for creating a journey to optimal health that will stand the test of time.  

It starts with a step by step process that builds upon each other.  The results establish a mind-body connection that leads to a path of creating a life full of life-sustaining skills that will have a significant impact on families and...

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