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Say Goodbye to Clutter

We are pleased to have Amity Farr as a guest blogger this month. She is a "Declutter Coach and owner of Simple Fly Life." 

Most people think a cluttered state is undesirable, but not everyone knows that clutter is unhealthy. Clutter can affect cortisol levels, mental clarity, and achieving other health goals, including diet and exercise.1  Clutter is not just messy and unsightly; it's dangerous.


When clutter reaches a dysfunctional level, it can be referred to as hoarding. People facing hoarding situations can experience a decline in good hygiene or even have disrupted sleeping patterns directly related to excess. 2

Clutter doesn't have to reach a hoarding level to cause disruption. Clutter can interfere with exercise plans. Cluttered homes do not lend themselves to spacious places where people can do exercise videos or yoga. People with excess in their dwellings may not be able to readily find shoes, workout clothes, equipment, or videos and programs in the...

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Self-Care is Self-Love

How many times do you push your needs or wants to the side? Do you feel like you are selfish, and your desires don't matter? Are you afraid of what others may say when you take time to care for yourself? Well, join the club of the many people who suffer from the dreaded "Self-Care is Selfish Syndrome." (I made that up), but it's true. 

Self-Care is crucial for your well-being as going to the doctor, taking medications, eating healthy, and getting physical activity. It's vital to maintain a healthy loving relationship with yourself to experience your self-worth and value in the world. Understand, when you make you a priority, it affects every aspect of your self-esteem, your work, and your home life.  

Self-love occurs when you have a deep appreciation for yourself. It grows from behaviors that support physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. Self-love means to regard your well-being and happiness as something that is a non-negotiable for your well-being....

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