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Strategies for Eating Healthier During the Holidays

Have a Healthier Holiday’s

Thanksgiving and Christmas is magical time of the year when we show the love of Christ to our family, friends, coworkers, and special people in our lives. Last year, many families could not spend time together, so that this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be even more special.

Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays and not go crazy eating foods that set you up for weight gain or exacerbate health conditions affected by the foods you eat. So this year, set a goal to avoid the traps of overeating and not eat candy, cookies, cakes, and foods you will face this holiday season.

We start the holidays with Thanksgiving dinner, and it’s not the healthiest meal, but it’s oh so good. By implementing certain tricks to make some of your favorite foods healthier and forgo the uncomfortable turkey, dressing, and ham-induced food coma, on the couch or being balled up in a corner somewhere a thing of the past.

Christmas is by far one of the most...

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