Visualize A Better Tomorrow Today

Jan 23, 2020

Ever wonder what makes some people happy, content, and less stressed?  I have and I believe it's all in how they think and what they do. They tend to have a thought process that is clear and focused on what's important and what is not.  When you have laser focus on the positive, you can see the beauty of everything you have accomplished in your life.  Those thoughts should bring happiness, contentment and gratefulness.  

Don't compare yourself with anyone, they are on the same journey as you, working hard to live their best life each day.  Turn your attention inward to manifesting your dreams and visions, then proceed to go after what you want with everything you got.  Preparing for tomorrow is the only way you will be BETTER. 

You may not have everything you want right now, but you will, and you can, when you believe and know your value and know you deserve to have all the best in life. It's time to think and say to yourself I am so much BETTER than what I have allowed myself to think about myself.

There may be times when you believe you are vain or conceited and that you are thinking too highly of yourself.  I dare you see in your imagination all the wonderful places your mind wants to take you, when it reveals to you in a vision all the wonderful things you can do, be and achieve. 

For me I was never allowed to dream or think of myself in terms that I was wonderfully made to go out and pursue my dreams and find my purpose.  In fact I was never asked what I was meant to do in the world.  If I did start to think highly of myself, I felt insignificant and small, like I didn't matter. I had an epiphany later in life that I could dream and to dream big.  To visualize what I want in life and go after it.  That's what I'm doing and I hope to encourage you, that if you have been living small, it's time to see what God sees and go for it.

You can put into your mind how you are going to feel and react in certain circumstances.  It's all in how you approach any situation what the outcome will be.  If you believe that something bad is going to happen, it just may.  But when you allow your mind to imagine something great, that's where power is manifested. If you can see it you can have it. It's all in how you think, believe and pursue what's put in front of your eyes. Eyes forward to your Best Self for a Better Tomorrow.

What do you want in your life? Love, joy, financial freedom, better health, education, travel the world, a greater spiritual connection.  You can have all that and more by putting in your mind that today is going to be BETTER than yesterday, I'm going to be BETTER because I want and deserve BETTER.

It may take you a total mindset change to believe and go after all the things your mind has allowed you to see. There are no limits to what you can have, only limited thinking. Whatever you want it's your for the taking.  I encourage you to open your heart and mind and begin to act upon what you see. I repeat If you see it, it's yours for the taking. Visualize everything you want in life and go after it with focus, clarity and the intention that you deserve the Best and your life will be BETTER starting NOW!

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