Is the Voice In Your Head Tryin to Tell You Something?

health and wellness Nov 05, 2020

Is the Voice In Your Head Trying to Tell You Something?


How many times have you said to yourself, I truly need to start taking better care of my health? That feeling comes from your heart.  Your heart is communicating that it's time to pay attention. Many seek medical care because they have felt that nagging feeling says it's time to address an issue before it becomes a problem. They may have overlooked those inclinations until it reached a crisis point.

As a health coach, prevention is key to addressing potential issues before they become a crisis. I use a system of steps to create a mind-body connection.  These steps are necessary and vital for creating a journey to optimal health that will stand the test of time.  

It starts with a step by step process that builds upon each other.  The results establish a mind-body connection that leads to a path of creating a life full of life-sustaining skills that will have a significant impact on families and communities' health.  

Steps to Better Health

Step #1-Drink more water. Our bodies are 70% water.  Water removes toxins, helps with weight management, affects energy and brain function. When you are thirsty, you are dehydrated, which can be deadly. Drink up!

Step #2-Cook more often. Home cooking is healthier, saves money, better portion control, and brings families together. By eating at home and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, it may increase your chances of dealing with chronic diseases better.

Step #3-Eat less processed foods. Processed foods are full of sugar, bad fats, sodium, artificial ingredients, and empty calories. These are foods that come from a box, baked goods, processed meats.  They contribute to obesity and many illnesses.

Step #4-Create healthy relationships.  All relationships contribute to our overall health. They should make you feel secure, happy, and fulfilled.

Step #5-Make self-care part of your lifestyle. Take time to make you a priority helps with stress management, affirms your worth and your self-esteem.  You are saying to yourself that you are valuable and you are worth it.

Step #6-Develop a spiritual practice. Having a connection to God benefits your mental and physical health and could add years to your life.

Step #7-Get regular physical activity. You will be amazed at how much just 30 minutes of movement a day can impact your overall health.

These are just a few things that are easy to integrate into your lifestyle.  It will take focus, intention, and dedication to yourself to overcome any blocks or hesitations to begin and continue a journey toward better health.

You may need a support system to keep you encouraged and on track.  Seek friends, relatives, mentors, or health coach.  Having that accountably helps to keep you motivated to stay the course. As a nutritional health coach, my focus is to create a system to assist you through the steps, keep you on track with motivation and guidance so that you can achieve success.

Pay attention to that voice in your head. It's trying to tell you that the time is NOW to make YOU a priority regarding your health.

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