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We are pleased to have Amity Farr as a guest blogger this month. She is a "Declutter Coach and owner of Simple Fly Life." 

Most people think a cluttered state is undesirable, but not everyone knows that clutter is unhealthy. Clutter can affect cortisol levels, mental clarity, and achieving other health goals, including diet and exercise.1  Clutter is not just messy and unsightly; it's dangerous.


When clutter reaches a dysfunctional level, it can be referred to as hoarding. People facing hoarding situations can experience a decline in good hygiene or even have disrupted sleeping patterns directly related to excess. 2

Clutter doesn't have to reach a hoarding level to cause disruption. Clutter can interfere with exercise plans. Cluttered homes do not lend themselves to spacious places where people can do exercise videos or yoga. People with excess in their dwellings may not be able to readily find shoes, workout clothes, equipment, or videos and programs in the piles and disarray. And exercise is not the only thing; diet may also be affected.

 Clutter can restrict diet when there are not adequate surfaces for meal prep. Also, clutter may dictate where a family can eat. If the dining table is swamped with mail and other sundry items, sitting in front of a TV to eat may be the only option, disrupting family life and not promoting connection and community.

In my practice as a minimalist and decluttering coach, the benefits of kicking the clutter to the curb, charity bin, or dumpster have been profound. When I declutter and help my clients declutter, we receive more time, more money, and, immediately, less stress. These benefits have helped me and others live the life of our dreams, and it is amazing how big you can dream when your heart and home are decluttered!

 If you see yourself in the above paragraphs and are ready to change, but are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, here are three things you can do today to mentally and physically begin to find freedom from the excess:

 Eat an elephant. The old joke, "How do you eat an elephant" is answered as, "one bite at a time." Break your projects down into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Don't think in terms of house, garage, or master bedroom closets. Think instead: one drawer or one shelf.

  1. Get help. Utilize other people to keep you on track by announcing your intention of downsizing to friends and family who will be supportive of your situation. Give them updates as you go along. You may need to hire a decluttering coach for an extra pair of hands and an expert jumpstart to clear out the clutter.
  2. Just start. Take the first step right now. Don't wait. The journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step. Take one item you know you can get rid of and put it in the trash, recycle bin, or donation box today. If you do one item a day, you will have released thirty things in a month. Can you imagine where you would be in a year after decluttering daily? So start small, and just start.


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As a health coach, I share these concepts with my clients. If your life is cluttered, you will have difficulty getting organized and focused on changing habits that won't serve you on your wellness journey. Getting rid of the mess and debris in your life releases a feel-good hormone and sets the stage for success. Thank you, Amity, for such an insightful article.

I collaborated with Amity to help me declutter things in my home that don't serve me anymore. She was such a great help. 

If you would like to know about Nutritional Health Coach and how to rid yourself of anything that is weighing you down from having the life you deserve in good health, contact me.

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Melesha Bailey
Nutritional Health Coach
Love 4 Life Wellness, LLC
Springfield, MO 65806

 Guest blogger Amity Farr of Simple Fly Life.

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