To Eat or Not to Eat-That is the Question

Aug 19, 2019

Why do we seem to want to eat all the time? And why do we sometimes eat what's not best for us?

I spend a lot of my waking hours thinking about food.  What I'm going to eat, what I already ate and then, how happy I am from the feeling of the food I ate. Can you relate?

I'm like most of you up and down with my eating.  Most of the time I'm satisfied with my healthy food choices. For breakfast I have a green protein smoothie loaded with organic fruits and vegetables.  For lunch it's usually, a loaded with goodness, salad and a sensible dinner of protein, complex carbs and vegetables. These foods make me full  therefore, I tend not to overeat.  When you eat this way, your body is nourished properly and you won't have as many cravings.

I go about 5 days eating this way, then I have days of maybe a fruit and veggie protein smoothie as my healthy food choice.  I justify this decision by saying, at least I'm putting healthy nutrients into my body at the beginning of my day.   Then I spend the rest of the day eating so called, cleaner, more high calorie foods and maybe something sweet. I am particular though about what kind of sweets, no trans fats or anything that's highly processed, but I still want to satisfy that urge for something sweet (I'm just being honest). The struggle is real.

I am very careful about what I do put into my body. I eat mostly plant based, organic, clean foods.  I rarely eat red meat.  I consume mostly seafood and some chicken.  But I love snacking.  Nuts, and popcorn are my favorites (I love to crunch).  My snacking is better now, I used to feel like I had to always have something in my mouth. 

I eat a ton veggies and when I choose to eat fruit it's usually so good and sweet, that I wonder, why don't I eat it more and let that satisfy my sweet craving? Why Why Why????

Some days I just want to eat what I want to eat and not feel guilty! I could never go back to the way I used to eat, cakes, cookies, chips, ice cream, crackers and candy bars daily.  Turning back is not an option.  

I have weight loss goals and I sabotage myself by not being as consistent as I need to be. The more plants based foods you put into your body the more you'll see the weight melt away.  I know this, but there are days when I don't want carrots and broccoli. Don't judge me.

Why do we do this?  I'm not a psychologist but I'm sure there's a label for this condition. 

So let's begin to address compulsive eating and cravings.  The causes, reducing and replacing those cravings.

I'm committed to being transparent about issues that affect me.  I know many of you may be dealing these same issues as well. Yes, I am a nutritional health coach, but I'm confronted with the same frustrations as you are too. I'm going to be honest. 

I'm building a community where we are learning to deal with our struggles and find life changing solutions together. I am your guide on the side. I have been trained and I'm constantly learning how to help myself and others. 

I am "Your Sister in the Journey" and together we will "Live our Best Life Right Now" everyday, one day at a time.

Let's take this time to be honest with ourselves, confront our frustrations and resolve to get a better handle of our cravings and compulsive eating.  You can do it and we will do it together.

Melesha Bailey
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Love 4 Life Wellness/Manna Healing & Wholeness



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